Lynch, P. J.

The Haunted Lake


New, Walker Books,2020


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A ghostly love story set in a spooky, underwater world from the highly acclaimed Irish author and illustrator P.J. Lynch. Jacob’s father was a farmer, but after their river is dammed and their town is flooded, Jacob takes to fishing the new lake over the town. A village girl falls in love with him, and he with her. A year before they’re to be married, Jacob disappears into the lake, lured underwater by the ghosts who inhabit the sunken village. For fifteen years, his fiancee fishes the lake and searches for her love while Jacob lives, unaging, with the ghosts. It’s only when Lilith, leader of the ghosts, wants to marry Jacob, that he remembers his love for the girl above the lake and can break free to the surface, where his fiancee is able to rescue him – and, at last, to marry her love.

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Lynch, P. J.